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Business Consulting Resources has been championing successful transformations for 40 years. 

We provide a comprehensive portfolio of consulting service solutions to help you solve complex problems.  

Your business solutions are uniquely yours.  There is no one-size-fits-all plan which is why BCR takes the time to become intimately familiar with what you and your business are really all about.

Our broad range of consultants and partnerships ensure that you have top-level experience in your business niche.  We help new businesses grow and thrive.  We help established businesses navigate change and leadership succession.  When you choose BCR you choose expertise, analysis, innovations, and tools that are tailored to meet your needs.  

Are you ready to bring your business vision to a successful reality?

Business Strategies

Every action your business makes should be intentional. Business strategy consulting offers a fresh perspective on your company’s long-term business plan. BCR offers personalized, innovative, and purposeful action plans that let you take charge of your company’s future.

We Want Business Strategy Consulting

People + Leadership

Your profitability is directly tied to leadership, management, and employee satisfaction. People and leadership development and human resources consulting will create a people-centric and empowered employee environment. BCR offers a variety of management consulting strategies that will inspire your corporate culture.

We Want People and Leadership Consulting

innovation + growth

Don’t be afraid to turn your business inside out and refuse to remain satisfied with the status quo. Unlock your potential and grow your business with fresh ideas and innovative solutions. BCR is invested in finding unique strategies that set your company apart.

We Want Innovation and Growth Consulting

Family Business

Mixing business and family creates complex relationships. As a family-owned business, BCR has a 40-year proven track record in working with family dynamics, and the business structure, goals, and growth potential to create a stronger family and a stronger family business.

We Want Family Business Consulting


Ken Gilbert and Jean Santos want your business to succeed.  That was their goal 40-years ago when they started Business Consulting Resources (BCR) and it’s their goal for your business today.  

It began with a partnership and a love story.  A year after working together to provide consulting for small businesses, Ken and Jean were married. 

Business Consulting Resources , their small family business, has grown into a diversified team of consultants and partners that work together to make their client’s business dreams a reality. With operations in Hawaii, California, Texas, and Florida, BCR works with businesses across the country to redefine success.

Who is BCR ?  BCR is innovative, strategic, and adaptive to changing business needs.  BCR is a 40-year legacy of success.

Jean Santos & Ken Gilbert of BCR Hawaii

collaborate. Innovate. Integrate.

we're great at what we do.

Successfully delivering Client satisfaction for 40 years.

I was referred to BCR by one of my valued and reliable partners and I reached out to them to help me create a Continuity and Contingency plan for my business. From my initial call through the entire process, it was one of the most interesting, educational and important tasks as a business owner. The BCR team was not only knowledgeable and thorough; they made what could have been a daunting process an actual pleasure. I see them as a long term partner as my business grows and changes. I always say, leave it to the professionals. And BCR are indeed the professionals.
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Alison regenold
executive events
BCR provided me with the initial support, objectivity and insight to develop and help achieve a very successful family succession with my firm.
hotel pool and chairs
Philpotts & Associates, Inc.
Dear Family Business Owner, My brothers and I are partners and co-owners of Title Guaranty Escrow Services, Inc. Together we have faced typical business and personal issues that most family businesses deal with. To help us navigate these issues over several years, we worked with Business Consulting Resources Inc. (BCR) and have been very pleased with the results. In addition to addressing family considerations, BCR has been actively involved in evaluating and developing strategic and operational plans for the Company. They interacted with both family and non-family senior managers to understand perspectives, develop strategies for decision making, and achieve effective communication amongst all parties. Family businesses will greatly benefit from the services provided by Business Consulting Resources. They are an objective outside advisor that will provide your family business with the tools to achieve the success we have worked so hard for.
Title Garanty Escrow Logo
Title Guaranty Escrow Services
BCR has been a partner and trusted advisor to our company for over thirty years. With the assistance of the BCR team, we have added structure and processes to help us operate more effectively, built the capabilities of our management/leadership team and grown the number of branches that we operate. With their assistance we have a strategic plan in place which we review and update regularly. BCR has helped us acquire a competitor, advised on human resources issues, interviewed/evaluated key team member candidates and functioned as an objective confidant to me and the leadership team. Perhaps the most important process that BCR has supported us with is the transition of the company to the second generation of my family, enabling us to continue to operate as a family owned, locally founded company.
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Jim Frierson
President and Founder |
Island Pool & Spa Supply
My brother and I and the Trilogy Corporation have been working with BCR for over 5 years and have highly valued our relationship with BCR.
Trilogy Photo
Over the past two years, BCR has been instrumental in bringing our family together to address the needs and interests of all three generations.
The Zelinsky Company
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Network, connect, grow, and develop as a woman leader in your family enterprise with WLife.

When you join WLife, it’s more than just a membership organization. You’re joining a community of strong aspiring female leaders. WLife offers an annual conference for all members and provides an annual research study that addresses the unique situations that impact women in family-owned enterprises.

WLife is inclusive.  Men who support women in their family business are welcome to join and participate.

Reach out and connect with our WLife team to find out more about how we can lead you to a successful and satisfying professional career.



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